Monday, February 04, 2008

Quest for Glory-Maniac

Yep, I'm one. Playing GK The Beast Within made me remember the good ol' days when I spent most of my free time reading and playing computer games. Am chatting with atashi no tenshi right now, and he made me remember this game.

Quest for Glory... aaah, lovely, simply lovely. I adore the puns and wordplays (Sometimes my youngest bro and I still quoted, "You lack the luck to lick this lock"). I also enjoy the songs, especially the soundtrack of QfG 5, simply beautiful. I guess I owe my ability in English (to some degree) to these games.

In this game, you can choose to be a fighter (first choice, for a fighter's stronger and able to fight enemies more efficiently), magic user or thief. I alternated playing magic user or fighter (although after some time I tried being a thief too, for variety). However, starting from QfG 3 (IIRC), you can choose to be a paladin. Perfect for me! A paladin is honorable (my partner says a paladin is boring, but hey, it works for me!), able to use certain magic, and most importantly... paladins are strong!

My favorites are vol 1, 3, 5. The first, because well, duh, it was the first. Memorable, fun jokes and wordplays. The third, because I could play it without asking directions from others/seeking walkthroughs, and finish it! The fifth, because it was the end, the soundtracks are really nice, superb interface and everything, great story.

Ah, reading this makes me want to play the games once more. When Chika is getting better, I'll definitely spend at least a couple of days, playing those games! Hmmm!

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