Friday, March 07, 2008

Chika... One Year Old!

Yesterday she could blow a whistle. It came as a surprise for her, but it soon turned to delight for she kept blowing and blowing until our ears ache.

Her appetite is very good, yet she's still small. Around 7 kgs. Maybe 8 now.

She is now learning how to walk. When we hold both of her hands, she'll walk like crazy. Sometimes we only hold one of her hands, and she still manages to walk. Fast.

She can't stand still. Not really. It appears that she wants to move, explore, walk around. Unlike her brother, who was content with playing something until bored, when he was her age.

When seeing a picture of a cat (or seeing one directly), she will usually point it and say, "Puh." (Puss) She seems to love cats.

I have a hunch that she likes green. She usually chooses something with this color to play with.

She loves playing with my shoes. Uh-oh. Could it be that one day she'd be a shoe-maniac?

Her favorite words are "Mamam" (eat or breastfeed), "Bacem" or "Bayem" (still unclear what she means by those), "Won" (balloon), "Nah" (there), "Meme" or "Mami" (mom), "Nyaknyak" (no).

She loves seeing her reflection and touching it.

She is quite ticklish.

Finally, after a few months of being wary of others, she now shows signs of being friendly. She quite willingly kissed her grandma many times (and others too, when she's in the mood). She also wants to be help by Papi! Willingly! (Since she was about 8 months' old, she didn't want Papi to hold her.)

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