Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Greedy Boy

"Mami, what is this? Can I have some?" He pointed to my mug of teh tarik. Before I could reply, he gulped it down.

"Mami, I want that cookie."
"But you are eating cereal at this moment!" I protested.
"Well, it's not cookie."

"When I celebrate my birthday, I want a big cake, then lots of crispy chicken, burgers, pizzas, yoghurt..."

"Can I have one more chocolate bar, Mami? No, not that one." He pointed to another bar, the more expensive one. "That one!"

"What is Chika eating, Mami? Can I eat her biscuit? It looks tasty."

PS: Thank you, Auntie Vani, for the clothes!


Hedwig™ said...

he is not a greedy boy, he is smart, curious and active. I was a boy :)

Primadonna Angela said...

haha, i was like him when i was his age. :) thankfully my parents never had to forcefeed me. thanks for your comment!

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