Friday, March 28, 2008

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Got this tag from lovely Yaya. Been postponing it for too long!

I’m passionate about... (in no particular order)

1. My connection with my family and friends. I'm basically a solitaire kind of girl, yet without their support and love, I'd go nowhere.

2. My ideas. They just spurt out of nowhere (from you, perhaps, dear Thalia?). If I decide to write ideas for a day, I bet they'll fill hundreds of pages....

3. My work. When I am committed to do something, namely writing or beading, I can be a workaholic. I'm addicted to working, sometimes. Okay, make it most of the time.

4. My collection. I'm the dragon type--I hoard little treasures. I'm highly upset if somebody take/ruin one of my collection.

5. Books! I love and love and love books. I can't survive a day without reading something.

6. Traditional clothes. I'm so in love with kebaya, yukata, tomesode, houmongi (would love to have one!), furisode (too bad I can't wear one), cheongsam, aodai, sari... y'name it! I also love simple dresses.

7. My ideals. Yes, I'm idealistic, and sometimes I fail to see why others don't have the same view.

8. Crafts. I've always liked creating things with my own hands. I always feel great after creating something.

Mostly I say...

1. Papi!

2. Aza!

3. Chika!

4. Apa seeeh? (Whaaa~~t?)

5. Kyaaa!

6. Jangaaaan! (I know there are people who say that you're not supposed to say the word "don't" in front of the kids. Well... I guess they haven't had any kids yet...)

7. I love you.

8. Yaelah...

I've just finished reading

1. The Days are Packed (Calvin & Hobbes), Bill Watterson
2. Montana Sky, Nora Roberts
3. Nicola & the Viscount, Meg Cabot
4. One Summer, Nora Roberts
5. Second Nature, Nora Roberts
6. The Revenge of the Baby Sat (Calvin & Hobbes), Bill Watterson
7. Portrait in Death, J.D. Robb
8. Epileptic, David B

Before I die, I want to...

1. See my children finish their education and choose their own paths in the world.
2. Visit Singapore with my partner.
3. Go to Bali with my children.
4. Form a legacy, in which, I can pass down my knowledge and skills to others.
5. Go on a hajj pilgrimage with my partner.
6. Visit Nyachan in Japan.
7. Write a nonfiction book.
8. Write a novel with my partner.
(Others are too personal to mention....)

I love listening to...

1. Most of The Beatles' songs.
2. Classical music, esp. Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Beethoven, De Bussy.
3. Most of Southern All Stars' songs (esp. Manatsu no Kajitsu, Love Affair, Tsunami).
4. OST of the Gitarooman, esp. The Legendary Song.
5. OST of Quest of Glory V. Nice and superb arrangement!
6. Some songs sung by Clay Aiken, esp. Solitaire.
7. OST of Music and Lyrics.
8. Anything that grabs my attention.

What my friends like about me... (I'm just guessing, care to tell me the real reasons?)

1. I am what I am. I don't play games. Okay, maybe when it is REALLY necessary....
2. I shower my loved ones with attention and small gifts.
3. I love to make others feel special.
4. I am content with the way I am.
5. I am a curhat magnet. (Haha) Lemme rephrase that. I guess some people consider me an easy person to talk with.
6. I'm like a walking dictionary (and sometimes, yellow pages). Don't know why, but some ask me crazy questions, and strangely enough, sometimes I know the answers.
7. I'm a caring person. To selected few, to be exact, but still.
8. I'm a very loyal friend. Unless that "friend" decides to backstab me or something...

Last year I've learned...

1. Being an editor. Amazing!

2. Beading. And I opened my online store to support this new craze.

3. Writing a script. Still not very good at it, though. I guess I don't really have the passion for it. Not yet, anyway.

4. That you really reap what you sow. I believe in karma, and what happened last year reinforced my belief.

5. More about human nature and other people's characters.

6. To forgive the ones who hurt me in the past. (Yet from time to time, I still harbor some resentments.)

7. To love and forgive myself more.

8. That I really need my family to survive.

If it's not too much trouble, I want to tag...
1. Pretty Mel
2. Dearest April
3. Kori & Surya (a package!)
4. Vani
5. Lovely Maryna
6. Sweet Rini
7. Mbak Poppy
8. And of course, Quisalas!

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Anonymous said...

Wow... a very descriptive description of yourself. Nice to know you! Salam kenal dari jauh :-)

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