Thursday, April 24, 2008

How Do You Know That You Have Good Buddies?

When...'re down and blue, they seem to sense your mood. And try to lighten your days.

...out of the blue, they just appear, to say hi. just know, whenever you need them, they'll always try to make themselves available to you. don't need to change who you are. Not one bit. You can be bitchy, grumpy, and evil-minded, yet they'll still accept and love you. can just discard pretenses and masks.

...they shower you with little attention and gifts, now and then. make a mistake, they'll symphatize, but scold you all the same.

...they remind you of your mistakes, so you won't do them again. (Not too often, though!)

...they tell you, once in a while, how special you are. know that little things that they see, sometimes remind them of you. (And they'll let you know about it!)

...they will defend your honor, never try to backstab you. (True friends stab in the front!)

...they feel troubled with your actions or comments, they'll let you know directly. Not through somebody else. experience a wonderful achievement, they'll be happy for you. (Not jealous. Not a bit.)

...they offer help, often when you don't really need one. And when you do, you don't need to ask them twice. don't have to chase after their love and respect. doubt, they'll ask. No hesitation.

...they tell you, even though you are far from perfect, to them, you're perfect enough.

...they unleash the angel in you. (Okay, sometimes the devil, too. Once in a blue moon.)

...they respect your privacy, should you wish to be alone. know that you can trust themselves with your life.

dedicated to two soulmates of mine, dearest partner and twin bro.

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