Monday, April 21, 2008

My Baby, (Almost) 13 Months

Chika has four teeth now. She walks and runs a lot. She can walk backwards for two or three steps. Sometimes she swirls around. She loves it when I hold her and swing her. Everytime I breastfeed her, she demands to hold one of my accessories that I wear. Her current favorite is my silver four-leaf-clover charmbracelet.

She is still sensitive. When we appear to scold her, or prohibit her from doing something, she will wail. Boy, she can really wail!

She loves dolls. Several days ago, when Aza got two dolls from this lovely auntie, Chika appeared to be curious. She likes to point at the bear doll's nose and giggle.

She is crazy about music. Any kind. Everytime she hears a song, she will dance. Very cute and amusing.

She is still petite. 7.5 kgs.

She talks a lot now. Some are still unrecognizable, but we start to understand her more.

She likes to tail people around.

She shows interest in holding pens and trying to draw, imitating her brother.

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