Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Date with My Partner

This afternoon, after going to the orphanage, my partner and I went to a mall nearby. We had a late lunch, talked, and as always, discussed the relationships of people around us. For instance, we thought the family in front of us belong to some kind of gang. Yakuza or Triad-like. The only thing lacking was the tattoo... And a family near us was acting kind of strange. I mean, the father kept talking to his cell phone, as if speaking to a lover. While the mother was busy feeding the kids and all. Father and mother almost never had any real conversation. They did not look or talk to each other. Didn't seem normal to us. We wondered...

Then isman said, perhaps WE were the ones who weren't normal. Maybe most couples do that. Maybe the majority of people--going together as a unit, meaning, family--don't really talk or look at each other. Hmmm. Not a really nice thought.

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Sonja said...

Primadonna Angela [Bookmooch friend],

I'm not normal, I talk with my family. I have my son, age 16; turn his ringer off when we dine together. I only answers when it’s a VIP ring (family) then make it a short conversation.
My son complains that I stare at him when we are together; he spends most of his time with his father. I tell him I like him that's why I "stare".
I believe technology has made family time scarce. We need to take back this time.

I practice what I preach as often as possible. I have to set a good example. Especially since learning that by the beginning of December I will be a (gasp) GRANDMOTHER! My daughter, age 23, is expecting.

Family communication is vital! Talkers are normal!

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