Monday, May 05, 2008


So this guy is into Mickey Mouse now. I guess it's partially my fault. A couple of weeks ago I bought a huge Mickey Mouse bag, intending to use it for my shopping bag. The moment he saw it, Aza decided the bag was his. Oh yeah. How could I forget that he really loves red? I started to ask, why would you need a bag? Then he said (in Indonesian, of course), "I need a safe place to store my robots, Mami." Ohkayyy... Aza's score 1, yours truly, 0.

Then he began to show interests on Mickey Mouse. When I got a bonus shirt from an online store (a white shirt with the back of Mickey Mouse printed on it), Aza told me he wanted to wear it. Well! It's supposed to be worn by a grown-up... or at least, a teenage girl. But I let him wear it anyway, and it fit well on him. Alrightee, so he has another collection of Mickey Mouse. "This is my shirt, Mami. Not yours!" he said gleefully.

Several days ago, when accompanying yours truly and my partner shopping, he told my partner that he wanted a DVD. When he picked a Mickey Mouse DVD, nobody was surprised.... He has probably watched it dozens of times, and memorized some portions of the songs.

But still, when I asked him, "What would you want for your birthday next month?" he answered, "Robots. Red. The ones that can turn into cars or planes."

Some things don't really change, I guess.

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