Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Translation Projects!

Translated these...

Found several difficulties in translating the first book. It's my first, anyway. (Translating a book, that is. I've done translations for documents and all in the past.) For the second book, I had fun! I enjoyed the story even though finding the right/suitable translation for Carnivorous Carnival can be mind-boggling.

Whenever I'm down or feeling like giving up, I leaf through the pages and get the spirit once more to keep on working.

Now, four more books to translate!

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rina said...

Mbak Don, salam kenal ya. Aku Rina, salah satu pengagum Mbak Donna. Aku sering banget masuk ke multiply-nya Mbak, atau ke vervain ini, biarpun yang multiply lebih lengkap ya Mbak. Salam manis untuk chika dan aza. Semoga Mbak Donna terus berkarya dan bisa menjadi inspirasi untuk orang-orang di luar sana. Minta izin permisi untuk ngelink blog nya Mbak Donna, kalau sempat take a visit ke blog-ku ya Mbak. biarpun aku tahu, Mbak sibuk banget. Good luck and God bless you

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