Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our Weekend

We went to our parents' to celebrate my brother's and mom's birthday. Technically, my bro's was on May 15th and mom's on the 18th. Brought their favorite cake, cheese with cherries, yum.

Chika was so happy at our parents'. She walked and laughed a lot. Sure, at first she cried, but after a while she loved exploring the house. (She doesn't go there that often.)

Then the following day, we went to CiWalk. Brought my camera, but I forgot to bring it to the restaurant. Ate at Cing Wan, quite tasty and since it's on discount, affordable too.

When we went to the supermarket, my dad told me that if you bought two packages of new cereal, you'd get a free pin. With your picture on it. Sounds like a good deal! We ended up with ten instant cereal boxes, haha.

At first Aza was reluctant to be photographed. He seemed to be more interested in gulping down the samples. Aye. At least a dozen, maybe more. Hoo boy. And he didn't feel embarassed, not a bit! He even decided to be nice by taking two samples and giving one of them to either my partner or yours truly.

Hmm. Come to think about it. Was he being nice or just plain tricky?

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