Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Strawberry Kiss Kiss

This song is so hideous that I end up liking it. At odd moments, I catch myself singing it. Hideaki Matsuoka sang this, OST of the anime Tokyo Babylon (yea, yea, those days when I was still green enough, blind to yaoi/shounen ai innuendos...). The pronunciation is horrible. The song is mediocre at its best. The lyric is... suffice to say, when isman first heard of it, he thought I was making it up. (I ended up feeling insulted. I mean, duh! /I/ wouldn't dream of composing a song with lousy grammar... Haha, arrogant lil' me!)

Please kiss kiss
Will anybody kiss me please
Please please kiss kiss
Like strawberry-colored dreams

Makes me wonder how sometimes songs become some kind of time machine for me. Just listening to one song, and the memories will flood back, and I feel like I was back in the moment when I enjoyed the song for the first time.

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