Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chika, 17 Months

Chika has turned 17 months several days ago. She begins to show her personality. She is more active and daring compared to Aza. She imitates mimics and gestures (almost) to perfection. She likes to talk, and sometimes she surprises us with her clear words.

Her teeth are five, soon-to-be-six. Her favorite meals are the ones containing corn and fruit. She loves watermelon (no, that one certainly doesn't come from me) and orange juice. Strawberry, too.

She loves to doodle. See the background wall? It's filled with her creations. Aza is also responsible, but not as much as Chika.

Some say she resembles yours truly, even though I do not really agree. Yet in attitudes and behavior, it appears that Chika inherits some of my genes and habits.

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