Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cover of My 11th Book, Resep Cherry!

Minus the TeenLit logo from the publisher.

I'm always satisfied with Maryna's illustrations. For Resep Cherry, she made another alternative. I actually liked that one better (the main color is black, like blackboard with chalk effect, very nice) yet the editors prefer this one. This one is also nice and sweet. And more teenager-ish.

Hopefully this book will hit the stores in late August.


Sitta Karina said...

Hai, Mbak Donna. Salam kenal. Cover-nya cantik. Is this the sequel to RESEP CINTA? :)

Primadonna Angela said...

salam kenal juga, mbak sitta. :) trims. ya, ini sekuel Resep Cinta. :)

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