Sunday, August 17, 2008

Say It with a Sandwich

This is one of our favorites, and I'd like to share it to join a virtual cooking competition done by Blogfam. It's called "Say It with a Sandwich" because cooking, to me, is one of the ways to express love. The ingredients as shown in the pictures are:

1. 150 gram fillet chicken, minced, mixed with a tablespoon of honey, a dash of salt, pepper, and dried chopped mint (optional).

2. A quarter of onion and one garlic, minced.

3. Approx. 50 ml of mayonnaise. (or to your liking)

4. Peterseli. Chop well. (to your liking)

5. 40 gram of honeyed salted peanuts.

6. 3 tablespoons of olive oil.

7. Regular bread. (For this sandwich, I use wheat and white.)

And how do you make it? Really easy!

1. Sautee onion and garlic using olive oil.

2. Add the chicken, mix well till it's done.

3. Put the chicken in a bowl. Add mayonnaise, stir well.

4. Add peanuts, stir well.

5. Add chopped peterseli, mix well.

6. Spread the mixture on the bread.

7. Put wheat bread on top.

8. Again, spread the mixture on top of the wheat bread.

9. Dress it according to your liking... and it's done!

10. You can now share your love (i.e. cooking) to your loved ones!



Fun said...

wuaaah kayaknya enak banget nih.. :)

hes said...

.. udah sering dapet kirimannya tapi blm sempet menyapa dan bilang makasih langsung ni :sorry. InsyaAllah kapan2 kita maen ke bandung, bole ya? Mau nyapa aza dan chika :)

btw, buat sandwichnya, MERDEKA! :D

Hesti (wicak) - depok

ika said...

yumm!!! kemarin pernah beli spt ini tapi rotinya di grill .. jadi roti bakar dong ya .. hehe ..

thanks ya don udah ngeramein lomba blogfam!!!

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