Friday, August 15, 2008

A Wonderful Day!

1. Courtesy of, I got Lord of the Rings Oracle set. Complete with 40 exclusive cards, wonderful book, nice atlas and a ring-shaped pendulum! Still in mint condition even though the box is a bit torn.

2. I won! I haven't won anything for ages actually. Some time ago I decided to join this. Just for fun. This afternoon I got a call saying that I won, and I'd get a package from Maybelline. Plus, the picture and words will be printed in the candies' wrapping. Neat. You can see my entry here.

3. A good friend of ours (my partner and yours truly, in case you haven't noticed) told me that he was in India right now, and he bought several packages of Indian tea for me. Thanks so much, Gaaa!

4. My best friend and I are talking about the possibility of she and her family visiting me early next year. I can't wait to meet my twin sons... Shochan and Kochan!

5. My 11th book will be published next week, my 12th next moth, and my 13th, hopefully, the month after that. Yay!

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