Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's OUT!

Aye, my 12th book is finally out in the market. Ratu Jeruk Nipis! So far from four comments I've got so far, 3 said they really loved it, and only one told me that she preferred my novels. Ha ha.

And oh, it's only 23,000 rupiahs! I'm happy because it's affordable. I get tired of people complaining to me, how come your books are so expensive? Well, how should I know dear, I'm not the printing company. I'll repost the cover and back cover later on!


Andry Chang said...

wah, selamat yah buat
peluncuran novelnya, mbak
donna. semoga jeruk
nipisnya gak asem2 banget
dan yg pasti -

nie said...

dari judulnya kayaknya asik :D
pasti akan gue beli n gue bacain ;)
congrats yah :)

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