Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wish List

It's just a list, and based on my previous experience, it's easier to get things that you really want by jotting them down. Maybe it has something to do with the saying, if you wish for something hard enough, the world will conspire to give you the opportunities to get a hand on it. So! What do I want? (not in a particular order)

1. A kinetic watch. I get tired of replacing the battery now and then. Preferably with an elegant, unique design. No garish color proclaiming "I'm cute and I'm still young!"

2. A laptop. A small one, preferably ASUS triple E type, white.

3. A four-photo locket in the shape of a heart. Made of silver. I tried looking for it at eBay and decided not to purchase it from there, since it is THAT expensive.

4. A poison ring, made of silver. Preferably with Celtic knot/design. A pentagram would also be nice.

5. A Schattenjager medallion. From silver or stainless steel. Gold is out of the question!

6. A claddaugh pendant, made of silver.

7. A huge jewelry box (or chest!), preferably made of wood.

8. Fairies Tarot deck.

9. A houmongi, preferable in the shade of peach, cream or teal.

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