Monday, November 10, 2008

10 Facts About Me (Ditimpuk Ollie)

What else can I say about yours truly? Apparently I have said a lot--too much, perhaps. But then again, how can I refuse a chance to share (boring facts) concerning yours truly?

1. My looks can be deceptive. You might think that I am meek, obedient, eager to please others, sweet-natured kind of girl. Well. I can be. Yet most of the time I'm the opposite.

2. I'm simply unique. Different, you might say. I might have different opinions from my peers. I don't usually follow the crowd.

3. I'm a loner. From time to time it's okay for me to socialize, yet I need time alone to recharge my moods.

4. I don't respond well to threats and emotional blackmails. Should one try to do so, I might squash her or him with all my might, discreetly.

5. I love eating! Some say that I'm obsessed with food. One telling sign: read my works, and you'll note that I often put descriptions of food there.

6. I am petite, about 5f 3in. (157-158 cms) Yet most people who only know me through pictures say that I look taller.

7. I hate shallow-minded people. I don't mind being shallow now and then, but if a person shows no capacity in having deep conversations, then rest assured, (s)he'll never be a good friend of mine.

8. I feel that some places "call" me. Some of them are Guilin in China, Kyoto in Japan, Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, Vienna in Austria, Den Haag in Holland, New Orleans in the States (and a few more). I have strong desire and wish to be able to visit those places one day.

9. I love sharp, exotic weapons. I also love folding knives. My favorite brand is Spyderco.

10. When I'm playing RPG (in PC), I can't bear to be a bad guy. If and only if I accidentally kills an innocent NPC, I'll surely reload the game. Once I couldn't sleep because I "killed" someone. I had to replay the game to ease my conscience.


Who else? Well, if you are reading this, then you are NEXT!

1 comment:

::meta:: said...

DONNNA.. ya ampun, I just tagged you to do this (See my blog). Hahahaaha... kok pas sih :P

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