Friday, November 28, 2008

You've Got It, Use It Well!

You know what they say, with great powers come great responsibility? It is true. You have your own power. And you have the power to choose on how to wield it. Do you want to use it to hep others? Hurt the ones that you consider enemies?

With greater powers, bigger abilities, you need to be more careful. Oh sure, you can hoard the power all you like, use it to enrich yourself. It is, after all, your choice. Word of caution though, if you use it for your own good, then your life will become stagnant. Use it against others to harm, then you are doomed. Darker powers seek to corrupt, twist and then consume you.

When Lord grants you a power, you have a responsibility to use it well!

And it saddens me to know some use theirs to destroy others...


Devi said...

You're right. However we're just human after all. If we don't have enough faith to do the right thing, we'll be trapped into the evil's way.

joko said...

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Once more, thank you very much for the posting.

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