Saturday, December 27, 2008


My partner calls her "Sian", from "SI ANjing" or "kaSIAN". She's a stray dog who likes to frequent our house. In fact, she's been here for more than two months. Maybe three?

She used to have six puppies. My neighbor considered them noisy, so they asked the security around here to remove the dogs. They took the puppies but they couldn't catch the mother so they let her be.

For several weeks the dog howls endlessly. And y'know what? It's wayyy louder than usual. Truth to tell I'm quite annoyed with my neighbor for not following through their order. They prefer a mature dog howling pitifully compared to the yowlings of the puppies, it's their business. They take no pity on the mother who mourns the loss of her kids, well, hey, it's their choice.

Sian is a meek dog, as you can tell. Even a stray cat doesn't feel threatened with her presence.

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