Sunday, March 08, 2009

Most Common Questions Asked

It's funny how people try to strike a conversation with an injured person like yours truly. At first they stare at my right arm, for, lessay, at least sixty seconds. Then they clear their throat and utter something like...

1. My goodness, what happened?
(Why oh why after answering that I fell from a chair they usually look disappointed? Maybe they expected me to say something like, "My husband loves to abuse me!" followed with fake sobs.)

2. Did you fall from a motorcycle?

3. How many stitches did you get?
(Heck, how should I know? I was sedated!!! And why should I, or you, care?)

4. (And the worst question of all!) Does it hurt?

Gosh! This is the X-Ray picture of my right arm before the operation. Do you want ME to fix your right arm in similar condition? I'd gladly do so and ask you the same question later.


Pandababy said...

one picture is worth a thousand words and your x-ray says: "ow ow ow ow ow ow" etc. to me...

When people's minds immediately leap to abuse, I must wonder, what kind of sad experiences they must have of life?

When our son was a toddler, he had a cast on his right leg, to straighten his ankle, which was twisted from birth. People in the grocery store would give me such dirty looks, assuming it was a leg broken from an abusive or neglectful mother.

It made me think - how many people experience the 'real' world, and how many inhabit a world that is real only in their imaginations, where they assign their own version of what happened.

Bunda said...
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