Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am so thrilled because I got selected as 500 finalists of a contest done by and whoa, I have to go to Jakarta for the interview. I hope I'll be able to win this, and I make a promise here and now should I win this competition, I'll write a novel based on this experience. It will be fun, for sure!

Please pray for me, and wish me luck! Thanks bunches!


And since some people have been asking me about my progress in literary world... here goes.
- I'm currently writing a sequel from one of my books... no, can't give any details right now. It's one of my pet projects and I'd like to keep her for a while longer. :)
- I'm translating two books right now, both of fantasy genre, one from Eire and another from the States.
- I have to revise a TeenLit book (before it can be approved for publication) and the editor is holding my latest manuscript in MetroPop genre, so wish me luck!
- Aside from the sequel, I currently am writing a TeenLit--about a teen who's sick of everybody treating her like a child, another TeenLit--fantasy, about a family with ESPs, with lots of sparks and mayhem, a MetroPop--about a magical shop, and a short story collection. Whew!


Rina Suryakusuma said...

wish you luck :)
and so glad knowing that your book will be published soon :)
Semoga semua tulisan-tulisannya lancar, bisa cepet selesai, cepet di approve, dan cepet jadi buku, amin :)
good luck sekali lagi

Primadonna Angela said...

Thanks Rin, aku baru balas nih.:) Nggak menang lombanya, tapi nggak apa2, berarti bukan yg terbaik bagiku.

Rina Suryakusuma said...

semua sudah diatur kok Donn. Next time join lagi :)

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