Wednesday, December 08, 2010

10 Facts About Yours Truly

In no particular order.

1. I absolutely adore green. I think it's a beautiful color, depicting nature and quite soothing, too. I've always loved this color since I was a toddler.

2. I love traditional clothes. OK, so I rarely wear them, but to me it's very comforting to know I have some sets of kebaya--Indonesian traditional clothes, yukata, cheong sam. I used to have a sari and aodai but that was in my carefree, younger, slimmer days. So they don't fit me anymore. Meh.

3. Similar to #2, I love traditional cloths. I am not the type who is willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of bucks for a piece of cloth, but I admire people who appreciate traditional batik people and weavers. My most precious cloths are the two batiks that my grandma painted herself many years ago. Too bad she didn't live that long to teach me that skill. :(

4. I hate smoke. I don't mind people smoking but they should look around first to make sure that they others don't mind. I especially despise people who smoke near their nonsmoking spouses and toddlers (sometimes even babies).

5. I dislike the taste of beer. To me it just feels repugnant. So if I almost never have any, it's because of the taste.

6. I enjoy writing. But please refrain from asking where I get my ideas. They're everywhere, you just have to tune to them and grab some when needed.

7. I wear my heart on my sleeves. I often cry or laugh in public, and feel no guilt or whatsoever afterward. And yes, you can say that in a way I'm quite emotional.

8. I prefer not to discuss whatever project I'm working on with others, unless it's my partner. I prefer to "keep" my babies close until it's time for them to see the world (meaning, being published).

9. I have this weakness for stickers. I sometimes buy and hoard them just because.

10. I am a hoarder. I hoard stuff so much that periodically my partner threatens to burn them till they're gone. :D


Sandy said...

Hi Mbak !!
Saya Sandy yang dulu sering belanja2 di rumah pernik haha :D , udah lama banget ga mampir ke blog ini, jadi pengen mampir lagi.. I want to do the 30 things to, sukses selalu Mbak.

Primadonna Angela said...

Hai Sandy! <3

Ayo bikin sama2! Kadang2 kangen juga ngeblog nih.

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