Wednesday, December 08, 2010

With the Person I've Been Closest with the Longest

Technically I'm cheating here. It should be a pic of me with my mom, but most of the pics of yours truly with my mom belong to a more distant past. It appears to me that we take more pictures of the kids these days! So here it is, left to right, Chika, yours truly, mom, and my younger brother.

Naturally I've been closest with my mom the most. She had this weird craving when I was in her womb. She got so hooked about Michaelangelo's life, reading The Agony and the Ecstasy. If I were a boy, she'd named me Michaelangelo. (Thank goodness that wasn't meant to be!)

1 comment:

Rina Suryakusuma said...

Awww, itu mama kamu ya Donn?
Baru sekali melihat :)
Wajahnya segar Donn, semoga tetap sehat, ya

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