Sunday, April 10, 2011

Where I Stayed in Bali

I was lucky enough because I didn't have to worry about lodging during my last visit in Bali. Nyachan already booked a room here and I have to applaud her choice. She has been here before and she loved it. I love it, too.

The main attraction is of course, the pool. It's warm, especially in the morning and afternoon. I spent some time near the pool, writing on my journal. It's relaxing and surprisingly, fairly empty. I suppose the guests prefer to go to the beach or do some sightseeing.

Nyachan and I stayed at the second floor of a cottage. The view is spectacular and in the morning we can hear the sounds of the birds chirping and cicadas singing. The fragrant flowers and fresh scent are amazing. One day I'd love to stay in this hotel again.

For breakfast, the best choice would be nasi goreng. They also have mi goreng, chicken porridge, bread but Nyachan agrees with me that nasi goreng is the best.

It's only about five minutes away from Sanur beach. And there are lots of cafes, souvenir shops, convenience stores, small restaurants, nearby. You can also find internet cafes around the hotel. I ended up having my lunch at KFC next to the hotel though, what a shame, going all the way to Bali only to eat fried chicken, ha ha ha.

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