Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sakura, Blooming. Hope, Returning.

These gorgeous pictures were taken by Yumiko-san. Yumiko-san is a friend of Nyachan. She is a teacher and also translator... from Indonesian to Japan. Her Indonesian is superb. She took these a few days ago in Tokyo.

Sakura is gorgeous, and I have a special fondness for sakura flowers because they eventually will turn into cherries! Yes, I love cherries very, very much. Even I chose "cinnamoncherry" as my twitter ID. Cinnamon Cherry is one of my favorite protagonists from my books.

I hope the situation in Japan will be better soon. And I pray that hope continues to linger and support the people, giving them strength and encouragement to move on.
I hope people can derive simple pleasures from watching sakura, blooming, while believing that in time, everything will be all right.

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