Thursday, June 09, 2011

Atashi no Shin Yu, Aishiteru!

I met Nyachan again (call her Nina please, Nyachan is a nickname for close friends ^_~) in Japan. She was waiting in the lobby of Shin Hankyu Hotel in Osaka. I am so touched because she deliberately went all the way to Osaka (her home is near Kobe) just to meet me, even though only for a couple of hours.

Nyachan asked me to make a dress here, so I had a tailor made it for her. We wore similar dresses then went out to have tea and cakes. People were staring at us (being Japanese, they were very discreet in doing so but we could tell, haha) but we didn't particularly care. We are entitled to have our own fun. :D

Ooh, I miss her already.


Nyachan said...

I like this picture best.
I am going to anywhere you want.Osaka? Tidak apa apa.Tokyo pun tidak apa apa.
Thank you very much indeed.

Angelachan said...

I'll print the pics so you can have them later. Miss you so much!

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