Thursday, June 09, 2011

Japan in June, Sweet Memories Indeed

My partner and I were fortunate enough to be able to go to Japan in June. Spring is still in the air. We got to do tons of stuff (am thinking of writing a book about it and perhaps self-publishing it) and I found Japan very sweet, incredibly romantic, and definitely exciting.

I was happy because we had the chance to stay in a ryokan--Japanese traditional lodging--if only for a night. This is me wearing a yukata, about to try the onsen. The onsen in Fuji Hotel, Isawa, has very clear water and no odor. Perfect!

I also tried pachinko (just for the heck of it), rode Shinkansen (Nozomi 232, the newest train they have) from Osaka to Tokyo, tried vending machines and of course the cute lil' machines that eject gashapon, rode subway like a regular Japanese, wore yukata and haori, went to Mount Fuji up to the 5th station (1 being the lowest, 10 the highest), tried onsen, ate sushi and shabu-shabu and yakiniku and paper nabe till I was so full that I thought I could burst, met my best friend, met Ibu Yumiko--Indonesian translator so her Indonesian is flawless, went to Disneyland and oh so many more.

I love you, Japan! I hope one day I can visit you again.

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