Thursday, August 04, 2011

How to Clean Your Silver Jewelry... The Simple Way!

I love silver. The bright sheen, the white sparks... when they are untarnished, at least. Unfortunately silver is prone to oxidation and it's such a disheartening sight, seeing your silver jewelry, dull and covered with blackish substance. I used to resort to chemical substances that they sell at the jeweler's but they cost a fortune and it can be harmful to your skin.

Thankfully I found this simple method to clean your jewelry in a book written by Earl Proulx. His books suggest that we reuse whatever we have and use ingredients that most of us have in our homes to do many stuff. Cleaning. Cooking. Removing stains. I suggest that you do some googling and check out his books for more tips.

You can clean your silver using electrolytic method. Fairly simple. You will need: aluminium foil (I use aluminium cup), baking soda, boiling water, rags.

Put about 2 teaspoon or baking soda to the foil (you can add more if the rust is very noticeable). Add boiling water.

Put the silver jewelry that you wish to clean in the aluminium cup. Wait for a while, stir if necessary (I use a wooden stick).

Remove the jewelry when you think it's clean enough, and clean it thoroughly rags.

Aye, it's done! Works like magic!


ish jenie said...

makasih, mbak donna buat share tipsnya, saya juga suka silver! <3

Primadonna Angela said...

Sama2. :) Selamat bersih2!

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