Sunday, September 15, 2013

2012 - 2013

So many things have changed in the scope of two years.

Some are good. Some, not so good, and some... downright bad.

But such is life. Life is full of changes and new beginnings and sad endings.

2012 to me, was a year filled with hectic schedules and hopeful encounters. I traveled to a lot of places. It was my first time visiting Vietnam, and I love it. I've fallen in love with that country, their hospitality, their warmth and kindness. With two friends, we also somehow managed to explore Kuala Lumpur, even though only for three days. I met some great people there (Vietnam--Da Nang, Hue, Hanoi, Malaysia--KL) and I can't wait to visit again. I went to Bali three times. Two, to meet my best friend, Nina Higa, and another, to accompany my partner doing his gig (he's a stand up comedian). With my partner and my children, we went to Jogjakarta. My partner and I were lucky enough to visit Pangkalan Bun, Tanjung Puting area, and Pontianak. Wow, it was a busy year indeed.

2013 is filled with infinite sadness and joy. I lost my mom on March 18. She was ill for a while, but when she seemed to be better, she passed away quite suddenly. Sometimes I catch myself thinking, while doing some sightseeing, "Mom would love this. Maybe I should call her." Then I realized that she's gone. Once, my daughter cried in her sleep, when I woke her, she told me, "I had a nightmare, Mom. Grandma passed away." Oh, Precious Child, unfortunately that's not a nightmare, that's reality...

I lost my best friend, Nina Higa, on July 31. She battled cancer for a year or so before succumbing to that illness. Today is her 49 days 命日, death anniversary. Her death seemed to hit me pretty bad, because I was already grieving for my mom. I can't believe I lost two important ladies in my life this year, sometimes I still think that they are alive, smiling... somewhere.

And I like to believe that they are happier and more at peace, wherever they are.

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