Monday, December 12, 2011

Of Death and Whatnot

Today, my 4-year-old daughter asked me, “Suatu hari nanti Mami akan tua?” (Will you grow old one day?)

And I answered, simply, “Yes. “

She was not satisfied with just that, so she asked again, “Kalau gitu apa Mami suatu hari nanti akan meninggal?” (If that’s the case, will you die one day?)

I nodded.

She burst into tears. She couldn’t accept the fact that one day I would leave her. I thought of saying comforting words like, “I will live long enough for you” or “It’s in distant future” but I stopped myself. Who knows? I don’t want to give her false hopes. My partner and I always want to be as honest as possible to our kids.

Instead, I told her gently, "I hope when the time comes, you'll be strong enough to live without me. I will never truly leave your side. I will stay in your heart, as long as you remember me."

She sobbed and hugged me tight, still crying.

So, my lovely kids, if you read this one day, bear in mind that Mami and Papi love you very, very much. We will try our best to guide and comfort you while we're still around. And that, my darlings, is a promise.

Mami sayang Aa dan Adek.


Rina Suryakusuma said...

nice words, Donna :) itu yang semua mama rasakan ttg anak mereka :) they'll understand, someday

Anonymous said...

Menyentuh bgt ya kata2nya,itu juga sempet aku tanyain ke papa dan mama,trus takut sendiri dh tp tambah umur jd ngerti kalo smua org punya batas umur masing2

Calvin said...

I'm so touched with this post, Mbak Donna. You answered Chika's question wisely. :')

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