Thursday, October 17, 2013

Simple Recipe of the Day: Corn Potage

I am lazy. But I love cooking. I love the joy of mixing some ingredients to make yum-yum dishes. Some of my friends think that I spend hours and hours each day to cook. Well... not really. 

My belated mom really loved cooking. She didn't mind spending hours... yeah, hours, baking something. I remember she loved making layered cakes with prunes. I helped her some, and boy, it was a tedious process. You pour a thin layer of dough and then wait for several minutes until it's cooked, then pour another layer... another and another. Thousands of layers! (more like a hundred or so, but I am probably exaggerating. At least, it felt that way.)

I am not as patient as my mom was. I prefer simple recipes. Over the years I have learned to cook easy dishes. Some people asked me to share the recipes. To tell you the truth, I tinker a lot when cooking. I sometimes tweak recipes and make do with stuff. But these days, I try to jot down my recipes, so that others (hopefully my children and who knows, grandchildren) can try them out, too.

This one is really easy. It takes about 15 minutes to cook, and that includes the cleaning-up afterwards. This recipe yields enough portions for two (or four small cups, like illustrated above). I garnished my potage with shredded cheese and black sesame seeds.

The nice thing is, you can always substitute corn with other vegetables. Peas, for instance. Carrots. Potatoes, too. (Make sure you boil 'em until tender and chop them first) Tomatoes. Mushrooms. Maybe I'll try some cauliflower next.

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