Friday, November 29, 2013

Simple Recipe of the Day: Mango Pudding

I bought some mangoes and decided to make pudding. Slicing them is fun! I used a cookie mold, heart-shaped. You can use any kind of cookie mold, of course. Or just dice it and mix some to your drink (soda, milk, syrup).

- 1 medium-sized mango (about 300-400 grams), peeled and diced 
- 400 ml water
- 1 1/2 tbsp agar powder (I wanted to make it thick and firm, feel free to use gelatin or konnyaku or lessen the agar if you don't really fancy firm pudding)
- 50 gram sugar (please adjust accordingly, some mangoes are a bit tart, some are very sweet)

Blend mango and water and sugar until smooth. Pour in a pan. Add agar powder. Stir until it boils, using low heat. Pour into a shallow dish. Once it cools, cut into any shape you like. Enjoy!


ismailia jenie said...

wiii... kebetulan di rumah, pohon mangga lagi berbuah banyaaak. makasih ya mbak resepnya :)

Primadonna Angela said...

Sama2, ayo dibikin. :) Barusan anak2ku minum susu ditambahin potongan mangga ini, jadi lahap.

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