Sunday, November 03, 2013

Simple Recipe of the Day: めだまやき (Medamayaki) Replica

This is the second recipe that I share today. And you know what it means when I cook a variety of dishes: AYE. I have some deadlines and I am a bit stressed so I relieve it by cooking.

The original recipe is here, but I don't feel like using gelatin because it takes ages to set properly. (Hours, actually, but still.) I decided to use agar instead, and it turned out nicely.

I showed this picture to my friend, Non-kun, and he told me that this is a medamayaki (fried egg, sunny side-up) replica. I like that name, so I'm calling this pudding Medamayaki Replica.

Here's my version of Medamayaki Replica:

- 4 peach halves (from a can)
- 250 ml milk
- 4 tbsp plain yoghurt
- 1 tbsp agar powder
- 2 tbsp sugar

Arrange peach halves in the middle of round molds. Combine milk, yoghurt, agar, sugar. Stir until sugar dissolves. Use low heat, continue stirring until the mixture boils. Pour mixture around the peaches. Wait until it is set and cool. (about 30 minutes, but it depends on climate and such, I guess. I suppose, in colder weather, it would set sooner.) Enjoy!

The taste is a bit tart and refreshing. You can omit yoghurt if you don't like the sour taste. 

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