Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend, Now and Then

When I was younger, weekends meant having fun. Going out, meeting with friends, staying up late. Watching movies, browsing the malls or fancy cafes. Dates with friends or significant other. Visiting book stores and buying more that I originally planned.

Now that I am a mom, some things are bound to change. Weekends mean time to rest. Oh sure, sometimes I have to attend an event, but I prefer to spend weekends at home. Sleeping. Reading books, or trying to meet a deadline. Trying out new recipes. Playing with my kids. 

One told me that I am not fun any more. Well, perhaps. Because I prefer accompanying my kids and partner at home. Even if I go out, mostly I bring my kids to eat or watch a movie. I like going out to meet some friends too, but not in weekly basis. Monthly or bi-monthly is more like it. 

Your priorities might change in a blink of an eye. Once, you probably thought being hip and cool was important. And then, you realized you prefer doing other things. Preferences are shifting. Maybe you prefer doing your hobby--whatever it is. Perhaps you just need to be a hermit for a while, then you'll be ready to mingle with the others. 

I have changed. And I have accepted it. It's a part of life. And I like it.

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