Monday, February 24, 2014

Sometimes We Forgot to be Grateful...

...for whatever we have. Some take things for granted, and some complain that life isn't being kind to them.

But such is life, isn't it? We deal with it. With everything thrown (or located) in front of us. We always have a choice. Would you prefer to grumble, wondering why oh why others seem to be happier than you are? Or would you like to send prayers of thanks? Because in spite of everything, there you are, still breathing, still given the chance to do good deeds?

Yesterday was a hard day for me. My son had asthma attack and it was quite horrible, my partner was quite shaken about it. We were preparing for the worst. Lack of sleep began to take its toll and I was dejected. Tired. I missed a couple of deadlines and I was afraid while caring for my son, my daughter might feel unappreciated.

On the way home from the hospital, I spotted someone selling roasted coconuts. (The coconuts are roasted for hours, about 6-8 hours, and then peeled while scorching hot. You will then drink the pulp and the water.) Supposedly, this is good for your health, especially when you have asthma. So I walked to that area and ordered two. A peddler selling tahu gejrot was walking to my direction, still carrying his wares (in two apparently heavy containers). He carried the containers using one pole, one end tied to one container. Remembering my partner who is fond of this dish, I stopped to order some. 

To pass the time, I asked him, "Where do you usually sell tahu gejrot?"

I noticed that he was young, really young. Early twenties, perhaps. He wore jeans that had seen better days and blue-white checkered shirt, with a faded greyish hat. He answered, politely, that he usually sold tahu gejrot in a certain place (he mentioned the name). I raised my eyebrows, because to me, it was quite far. About 2 kilometers away from the place where I stopped him. He was on his way home--which is about 2-3 kilometers more! And he made the journey on foot. Carrying two heavy containers on his shoulder. 

How much for one portion of tahu gejrot, anyway? Only IDR 6,000. Less than fifty cents (American currency). The portion is big, too.

I was stunned, it was like being slapped. Hard. There I was, feeling sorry for myself. And that man, cheerful and grateful because I was buying something from him, had heavier burden. 

Life can be difficult. And you can choose how to deal with it, appreciate or condemn it?

I have to thank the peddler. He reminded me that at times we have to embrace life one at a time. "Tomorrow, God will give me other blessings," so he told me. 


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