Saturday, February 08, 2014

Simple Recipe of the Day: Cream Cheese Pudding

Now and then I like to experiment. What if I mix this and that? What if I turn A into B? I often consult recipes but more than once, I find myself tweaking the recipes to my liking. It's fun that way!

My family and yours truly love cheesecake, but it's such a hassle making it. (I am talking about the base. We don't have food processor so to make the base, we have to grind the biscuit manually, or use a regular blender (a process that I do not really recommend because it takes some time. And I am an impatient cook.) I thought cream cheese pudding (not the cake) would taste lovely, so I dabbled in the kitchen and made this. Turned out great and we love it very much.

Fot this pudding, you will need:
- A package of cream cheese (about 200 grams)
- 1 chicken egg
- 3 tbsp sugar (or more, if you prefer a sweeter pudding)
- 200 ml water
- 3 tbsp of gelatin, mix with 50 ml water 

 Mix cream cheese, chicken egg, and sugar until smooth. (I used an egg beater)

 Mix gelatin with water, wait for a while until it thickens. Boil the water (200 ml). Scoop some to gelatin mixture bit by bit until the gelatin dissolves. Pour water+gelatin to the cream cheese mixture, stir well. (You don't need to use a mixer, just stir it with a spatula or egg beater). Pour into molds. Wait until cool enough to be put inside the fridge. Let the pudding harden. (Might take several hours.) Serve with a cherry on top. (Or whatever you like! Mint? Vanilla sauce? Jam? Up to you!)


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