Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Day 2: My Crush

I have had this crush for him for as long as I could remember. From 1988, to be exact. (Yes, I am that old, can we move on to another topic, please?) That time, it was my first time watching a police drama called Police Cadet '88. At the same time, I watched him in Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre, set in olden times.

He has an infectious smile. The kind that will make you want to smile back. And his eyes, there's something about them. His eyes can laugh or cry depending on his moods. (So yeah, he's a great actor.)

I always thought one day I'd fall, deep, for someone who looked just like him.

I met someone like him years ago. He is even more handsome. He wears glasses, and he is incredibly smart, my type. He has a great laugh and a quick wit. And his eyes really sparkle whenever he talks.

But the spark wasn't there. And I ended up marrying his friend.

After all these years, I realize that crushes are just crushes. Sometimes what you want is not really what you need.

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