Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day 4: My Youngest Brother

I have two younger brothers, but I've always been closer to my youngest. I get along fine with my younger brother, but he is the serious type. I am more laid back, I suppose.

My youngest brother and I are as thick as thieves, as you might say. Personality-wise we are more suited, and he and I share the same wicked sense of humor. You might not notice this when you meet him. He has this dead-pan face, and he rarely smiles. 

When we go out together, we'll notice something strange and then share a grin. We like to observe and we almost always notice some oddities at the same time. We also love our cats, sometimes too much.

Once, I let my cat gave birth to four healthy kittens in my closet... containing my precious underwear! (Darn that cat, she HAD to give birth among my most expensive bras and panties) I was too busy being a midwife (the firstborn was in breech position) to care. And once my brother let his cat gave birth in his bed. He had to sleep in another bad, a stiff one, but he didn't mind.  

I remember this one incident fondly. We were chatting---mind you, it was in the 90s, chatrooms were rare and we used an empty public chatroom---in Indonesian. We lived in different cities then, I moved to Java island for my studies, and my brother was still in Sumatra island. I couldn't really remember what we talked about. Just daily stuff, perhaps. Sharing about our lives and all. And then somebody joined the chat and exclaimed, "Hey, Klingons should be in Trekkie Chatroom!"

That person left before we could say... or to be exact, write anything.

Since then, whenever foreign people ask us what our nationalities are, our first answer would be, "We are Klingons."

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