Monday, January 05, 2004

Illiterate people

Ohkay. So I'm being too harsh. Maybe I should write this as the title: "uncaring people". There are so many in this world. And it sickens me at times to see them around me, floating, gloating, free or worries and cares.

My family and I had lunch at a mall. I wouldn't name it. Suffice to say, it is located downtown. During lunches, a keyboardist and a singer usually entertain the people eating lunch (I wasn't entertained, but that's another story).

We sat on the "non-smoking section". You can see the signs clearly. They are posted in every pillar and nearby walls. Yet, there were people smoking in non-smoking section. They could just choose to smoke in the smoking section. It was not that crowded.
Why did they decide to smoke in the non-smoking section? Maybe it's because:
1. they couldn't read (blind?).
2. they didn't pay attention much to their surroundings.
3. they're just ignorant bastards.

All of them happened to be male (though I'm aware more and more women smoke nowadays). Three of them wore fancy pants and expensive shirts with matching ties. One smoked while looking around, for girls, apparently. Sometimes I can tune in to people's thoughts, and this guy thought was so obscene and disgusting that I cut the connection right away. (a pity I am not able to control it yet.) I visualized a spell of binding. Maybe it won't do much good, but still. And at this point, he stared at me, sizing me up, finding me to his liking, perhaps? It was then when I lost my control. I deliberately gave him the evil eye. I do not have any regrets. To me, he richly deserved it.

I don't mind people who smoke. As long as they do not smoke near me. Or at least, ask permission first from other people nearby. If they want to ruin themself, be my guest and do it elsewhere, but don't drag anybody else into it. Well, as long as they don't care, it's okay. But I happen to care.

Maybe I'm different. A loner. A selfish. I love love itself, peace, balance, and harmony. But I hate a lot of things, too. And one of them is called "smoke".

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