Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Laughing Children Around Me

For a week or so I have been annoyed with children living around me. Every afternoon, around 4-6 pm, they go out and play. They talk loudly, play games and God knows what else. They also find it fun to press the bells and then run away, giggling. The noise they emit is sufficient to wake the dead.

I can't sleep well. Can't even concentrate to write or even, read.

I normally love children. Yes, they are noisy, curious, and sometimes annoying. But this is beyond the limit, I feel.

I know spells and rituals to protect my house from burglars, lightnings, fire, flood, earthquakes, any other calamities, you name it. Yet no matter how hard I try to look at my Book of Shadows (and other people's as well) I couldn't find any spells to prevent children making noises around one's home.

Yesterday, as I woke up from my restless afternoon nap, I could hear them again. Laughing and screaming. I sighed and began to complain. Yet at that time my inner voice talked to me.

"At least they're laughing..."

I smiled and felt grateful. I was rather ashamed of myself. I felt lucky. Blessed to be in the neighborhood where the children laugh instead of cry. Where they still find ways to amuse themselves outside, playing with friends, instead of going to the malls or staying at home playing PS or watching TV.

I can always change my afternoon nap to 1-4pm. After that, who knows? Maybe it's a sign for me to start growing my garden of herbs.

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