Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Love Letters...

I found an old love note today. In one of my Dame Agatha Christie's books. Funny, I thought I have discarded that zillions of years ago. Now, rereading it, I'll share it with my partner first.

It was the first love note that my ex gave me. It was written in some kind of code. I could still read it. The note goes on like this:

Vegetables are green
Grasses are green
Leaves are green
So does my heart for you

I remember him asking for my comment. He was eager to study my face. I was cold and distant. I merely stated that the grammar was wrong. It should be "So is my heart for you". The answer didn't please him. I then bombarded him with this question, "Why green? Why not red, blue, pink, or even, purple?" He only scowled that time. Oh yes, this guy could really scowl.

An old friend once told me that you shouldn't destroy your old love letters. Love might fade and disappear in a blink of an eye, yet, love and affection written in the letters are genuine and strong, so he told me. I just laughed. I'm not laughing now, I'm smiling instead. There is no use in keeping old love letters, especially written by the one(s) who hurt(s) your heart. That is my belief. So what am I going to do with the love note? Maybe I'll shred it to pieces and then perhaps, burn it to ashes.

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