Thursday, January 01, 2004


Do you believe in fortune-tellers? Psychics? People who claim that they can see your future as easy as you spell A-B-C? I do. In one condition, if I find the predictions favorable.

They say that female Librans in 2004 will concentrate more on careers. And they specifically say, if the Libran happen to be a writer, she'll be able to sell more of her writings. If she's a teacher, she'll get opportunities to teach more and perhaps, get involved in important seminars.

It makes me wonder--I mean, do most of female Librans write and teach? Is it a generalization or what?

Anyway. I'll still check my Tarot decks. If I don't like the result, I can always reshuffle the cards 'till I find a reading I can believe in.

New Year Celebration

Well! Happy New Year, to the ones celebrating it. I happen to be the one who doesn't really care much about New Year celebration and all. Alright. Starting from today I have to get used to writing '2004' whenever I start or end my letters, journals, poems, or stories. Hmm, maybe that's it for me.

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