Thursday, March 04, 2004

Books! Books! Books!

I've been really busy for the past few days. So many incidents happened. Bad and good ones. Needless to say I became quite overwhelmed. I felt like locking myself in a room, wishing that the world would leave me alone.

Yesterday was one of those days. I was edgy. I felt inundated with responsibilities and tasks. Yet in the afternoon, things started to look brighter. And late afternoon, I was happy again, for this dear knight friend of mine, Sammy Halim, touched my heart with his sincerity and attention. He also gave me some books! Yay! I hope to finish all before the baby is born.

List of Books: (not in alphabetical order)

1. Miranda Kenrick's More Gems of Japanized English
Hilarious! I just found out that about twenty years ago in a Tokyo shop, a gigantic cross was displayed in front of the shop to celebrate Christmas. "So what?" you may ask. Well! Santa Claus was crucified on the cross!

2. Celtic Fairy Tales
3. More Celtic Fairy Tales

Both were collected by Joseph Jacobs.

4. David Eddings' High Hunt
5. David & Leigh Eddings' The Rivan Codex
6. David & Leigh Eddings' Polgara The Sorceress

He also lent me The Belgariad and The Malloreon. Both consist of ten books! My, my.

7. Myths of The Norsemen
8. Tales of Ancient Egypt
9. Tales of the Greek Heroes

All were rewritten by Roger Lancelyn Green. Have only finished reading Tales of Ancient Egypt so far... interesting, the Egyptians have their own version of the legendary Helen of Troy.

10. Alexander Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo
The abridged version, Thank God!

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