Friday, March 26, 2004

Do Children Have A Language of Their Own?

Last time I saw my niece, she rushed to my embrace, calling out loud, "Tante Donnaaa~aa!" She was only three, soon to be four. Yet this pretty girl definitely has a way to get whatever she wants.

She settled into my lap, looking at me intently. She then exclaimed, "You're so pretty!" I felt honored and touched. Yet after a while she added, "Where's my birthday present?"

So isman and I got her a birthday present, a gown. After she received it, we got a call. I tried to manage a decent conversation with her.
Azel: Thank you for the gift, Tante Donna!
Me: You're welcome! Have you opened it?
Azel: I'm wearing it now! Thank you! Thank you Tante Donna, thank you Mamang isman.
Me: Do you want to talk to Mamang isman?
Azel: Thank you, Mamang isman!
Me: Can I talk to your mother?
Azel: Bye bye! (hanging up)
Oh well. I hope I won't have a similar conversation later on with my children...

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