Thursday, June 17, 2004

Another Wedding that We Attended

Last weekend my partner, my brother and I went to a wedding party. At first the flower arrangement seemed familiar. Then it struck me. It was a duplicate of our wedding floral arrangement. The white and green theme, the kinds of flowers used, all were similar.

I remembered that the couple even imitated our wedding invitation card. The same colorings was used, almost identical design. The wordings weren't exactly alike, but the composition was strikingly similar.

Then I started to notice the bride's wedding gown. The color and design were of the same shade of color. The mothers of the bride and groom wore the same brocade / lace cloth (even the same color!) like what my mother and my partner's mother wore on our wedding day.

They say imitation is a simple form of flattery. Perhaps it is so, but still...

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