Friday, September 03, 2004


Sometimes I forgot how generalizing people can be.

So there's been something wrong with my ISP's mail server. Sometimes I couldn't send mails. Other times, I had to reset my yahoogroups account because my mailbox rejected their mails.

So two days ago I decided to call my internet provider, which is widely known as one of the best providers in Indonesia. (I'll call it "flannelette" to avoid being sued. If you ask, "Why flannelette?" I'll just answer, "Why not!")

I found that my ISP's extremely helpful, they arrange so that their loyal customers will have to wait for at least five minutes before we can talk to somebody and not just programmed voices. (Press "1" for people you don't want to contact. Press "2" for other people you don't want to talk to. Press "3" for questioning yourself whether you're sure you're going to wait for the next number. Press...)

Until at least, I got a number that connected me to a human being.

A Human Being: Herman's here speaking.
Me: Um, this is flannelette, right?
Herman: Yes. Is there any problem?
Me: There's something wrong with my smtp. I can receive mails but I can't send them.
Herman: (momentary pause)
Me: Did you hear what I just said?
Herman: (in serious tone) Ma'am, are you sure that you're dialling the right number?
Me: (taken aback) What did you mean by that?
Herman: Are you certain that you have an account here?

I guess this customer service operator is a fervent believer of "The best defense is a great offense: Don't let the customers feel they're right. They have to feel that THEY'RE THE PROBLEM!"

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