Saturday, December 16, 2006

Being a Mom

Is the most difficult thing I've ever chosen. Especially when I see my baby looking haggard and tired, demanding to be hugged and soothed. My heart bleeds when he whimpers, "Mami, Mami... sakit, panas, pusing..."

Yesterday isman and I took him to the hospital--Emergency Unit. Good thing we did for his temperature reached 40.2 Celcius degrees. Very alarming. We have no idea what's wrong with him. Maybe it's an infection? Gastroenteritis? I got so frustrated that I cried most of the time.

Now he seems to be okay--for a while. I hope he'll stay better, or else he might have to undergo a blood test to determine the cause of fever.

1 comment:

yanti said...

cepet sembuh, Aza...

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