Friday, August 31, 2007

Charmbracelets for Kids

When I first created mix & match charmbracelets in Rumah Pernik, I never thought that some people would be interested in buying the charmbracelets for their kids. I made a resolution to create fun and colorful charmbracelets for kids, even though I was not sure when it would be finished.

A few days ago, I finished creating a few. Still not that satisfied with the results, but at least, it's a start.

Looks like I'll be quite busy with several things in near future, but who knows? Maybe I might be able to squeeze my time, making some charmbracelets!

(PS: Thank you Mbak Arleen, for the crochet! It's so lovely!)


P said...

Mbak Donna nih dari hal2 kecil yang belum kepikiran sama banyak orang, adaa aja kreativitasnya.
Mudah2an nantinya Mbak Donna kayak Diane Keaton yang bikin makanan bayi di film Baby Boom, jadi pengusaha sukses gitu.
Hip hip huraaaa!

Pritha Manis said...

hihi, kok namaku jadi cuma P gitu yaa??

Anonymous said...

Angie,mau dooong charmbraceletnya 1 for my li'l one. Cantik. Tp kira2 dimakan ga yah? ;) seriously, is it available? Anakku bnyk yg nyangka cowo :,) desperately need some kind of girl tag or something hehehe

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