Friday, September 28, 2007

Got Tagged!

Ollie tagged me! Haha. So let's get it on!

The Assignments:
8 Random facts / habits about me:
1. When I am stressed or depressed, I either write, design accessories or do some cleaning up.
2. I love singing. I sing whenever I feel like it. Usually when I'm beading or cradling my baby.
3. I can't whistle. (Am trying to learn, with slow progress.)
4. When I want to buy something, I usually don't buy the first product that I touch... unless it's the only product available.
5. I get annoyed seeing typos displayed in public areas (especially in English!).
6. Most people who don't know me well assume that I am arrogant. Well, I can be...
7. I can't write a decent romance scene. Well, not yet anyway. Am working on it!
8. I believe that dragons, unicorns, pegasi and other mythical beasts do exist.

So who are next? Just feel free to write your own version of this random facts/habits!

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